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"Patrick is not only knowledgeable but is effective. He generates results. Highly recommend!"

Jason Portnoy


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This course hands you complete strategies and tactics you can use to generate virtually unlimited leads, calls, and sales.

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Praise and Testimonials

"Patrick is very much about empowering you to be authentic to your goals and conveying that in your business. I think that's something that has made him a complete stand out. I'm privileged to have worked with him."

Michelle Taransenko // Black and white media

"Patrick is not only knowledgeable but is effective. "

"...he generates results. Highly recommend"

Jason Portnoy  //  JPORT MEDIA

"Excellent marketing. Great guy. Personal service. Top notch company."

David Shifrin

"...we could not be happier with the results..."

"I started working with Patrick a few months ago and have already seen an increase in my referrals..."

Dr. James Shoukas

About Patrick Kenney (Me)

After working as a web development consultant for over a 15 years, I discovered two problems:

  • Business owners with great services and ideas struggle to connect with ideal customers and clients effectively.
  • Unqualified marketers are taking advantage of business owners through outright fraud and outdated tactics. 

So, I created Unlimited Traffic. This is the only place where freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners can get no BS paid advertising strategies and tactics that ACTUALLY WORK!