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We'll show you how to create a Google account.

Google Account Creation

Here I walk you through setting up a Google account. If you already have a Google account then skip this video.

YouTube Business Channel Creation

Creation of the YouTube business channel in detail.

YouTube Channel Artwork Creation

Using an online software I show how to create the artwork for use as the YouTube channel header image. I also show how to create the channel icon.

Uploading The Artwork Images To The Channel

Short video showing how to upload the YouTube channel artwork previously created on Canva.

Linking YouTube To Your Website

Creating a link from the authority site YouTube to your website is very powerful. Many other web 2.0 sites like Twitter and Facebook can also be linked to from your channel.

Video Creation

Here I show you how to quickly and easily create a video using stock images and video clips. 

The perfect Title and Description For Your New Video

Uploading is straight forward. That said, correctly naming the video, the video title and adding the video description is paramount to the success of the video. 

Page #1 Rankings On Google & YouTube - The Proof

This last video provides proof that we achieved page 1 rankings for our video. Just apply the steps shown in the previous videos and let us know about your success.

Social Networking Account Creation

In this series, you will learn how to set up 14 Different social networking accounts.

Tumblr Account Creation

In this video, you're gonna learn how to set up a Tumblr account

Pinterest Account Creation

I want to show you how to create a Pinterest business account.

Twitter Account Creation

In this video, we're going to create a Twitter accounts

Blogger Account Creation

In this video, you're going to learn how to set up your Blogger account

Facebook Page Account Creation

In this video, I'm going to show you how we create a Facebook business profile.
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