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Overview of The Unlimited Appointments System

In this video, I walk you through the entire Unlimited Appointment System. The next videos walk you through writing and designing your quiz, build the quiz, linking your calendar, and building your ad campaigns.
4 Lessons

Building Your Quiz

In these lessons, we'll walk through building your questions then assembling your quiz.

Question Planning

A great quiz starts with great questions. Watch over my shoulder as I game plan quiz questions for one of my offers.

Building The Quiz

With our flow designed and questions set, let's build a simple first version of our quiz using Thrive Quiz Builder.

Building The Quiz in LeadsHook

In this video we'll build a simple quiz using the more advanced LeadsHook quiz service.

Integrating Leadshook with ESPs and Other Services

In this video we link Leadshook to a webhook and update the quiz embed.

Account Structure

In this video I walk you through my recommended structure for campaigns when starting out.

Laser Targeting Clients (Works on YouTube Ads, too!)

In this lesson I show you how I do targeting research in detail. This targeting research approach applies to every modality on Google's platform; YouTube Ads, Search Ads, Google Display, and more.

Simple Tracking Setup

This lesson walks you through how to setup simple tracking for your Google Display ad campaign.

The 3 Core Ads

Your headlines are key to the success of your Google Display campaign. In this lesson I walk through the core elements I use to generate high click through and conversion rates.
1 Lesson

BONUS - Easy Advertorial System

This training takes the guesswork out of how to assemble a high quality advertorial that turns ice cold prospects into eager client leads.

How to Write Advertorials That Turn Cold Traffic Into Warm Prospects

This training was part of a live stream series from my YouTube Channel. Rachel Mazza is the queen of Advertorials. In this lesson, Rachel Mazza breaks down how to create high converting advertorials which turns ice cold visitors into warm prospects.
1 Lesson

BONUS - Quick Action Setup Video Guide

This over-the-shoulder video training shows you exactly which levers to pull and which buttons to push to launch your ad campaign.

GDN Quick Action Setup Guide

This quick action guide runs through the full campaign setup inside of Google Ads. Bookmark this training for each time you'd like a guided run through of a campaign build.
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