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I shared this method with my mastermind group a while back and it received so much positive feedback I’ve decided to start blogging about these strategies.

DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee you will lowers costs by 40% or more. That number is based on my experience and that of followers, clients, and customers who’ve provided me with similar numbers. Your results will vary.

The Dream 100 strategy/tactics was created by the late, great Chet Holmes and is meticulously lined out in his book The Ultimate Sales machine. Grab it on amazon for a solid business read.

Here are the steps for the Dream 100 on GDN.

  1. Build a dream 100 list of sites your perfect customer visits. (Site must be running ads)
  2. Set offer pages to delay Google tag manager tracking firing for at least 30 seconds to flush out bad traffic and uninterested clicks.
  3. Build 300×250 and 728×90 banners for Google Display using super cold curiosity headlines. “BitCoin Vs. Ether? Find out which one is better and why.”, “Americans of All Walks Are Exploding Their Wealth With This Secret Weapon”, etc.
  4. Write 10 headlines for dynamic banners sticking to super cold headline formula. (This is the coldest of cold traffic).
  5. Deploy single GDN campaign with $5 a day budget targeting ONLY the dream 100 placement urls.
  6. Build a remarketing list of GDN clickers.
  7. Create damn good YouTube Ad and only show it to remarketing list for $5 or more per day.
  8. Build similar list layered with YouTube video viewers.
  9. Run separate YouTube ad campaign to similar audience list.
  10. Enjoy an ad campaign that extends ad fatigue 4-10x industry norm WITH higher profit per customer AND lower CPAs.

I’ve created a video training for this strategy as well. You can access it here.

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